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January 9, 2023


Still here

still here

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Le Nouveau Port is the last bar in a neighborhood that will soon be demolished to make way for a expanding city. While Nico, a former soft porn actress, continues to elude creditors, her children await her at Le Nouveau Port, experiencing the final days of the neighborhood.


Tuarith, the last working-class neighborhood near a rapidly expanding city. One night, after years of absence, Nico, a former soft
porn actress, arrives here dragging along her two children, Irene and Iman, and seeks refuge with Sunil, the children’s father. Despite
being unsettled by the woman’s return, Sunil welcomes them into
the small apartment he shares with some compatriots. Nico is pursued by mysterious creditors, so she leaves the children with Sunil and hides in the heart of the burgeoning city. Irene and Iman await their mother’s return, spending their time exploring the neighborhood, which will soon be demolished to make way for the city’s expansion. One place remains, Le Nouveau Port, a timeless bar where Sunil and his friends gather in nostalgia for times past. Nico wanders the streets of the developing city. Shadows move around her. In a construction worker’s cinema, she stumbles upon a film in which she acted some time ago. Perhaps chased by creditors, perhaps haunted by her ghosts, the woman must confront a whirlwind where her lies blend with tragic truth. The city advances, and as the children realize the neighborhood will soon be engulfed, they decide to follow their mother’s footsteps.

Director’s Profile

Suranga is an Italo/Sri Lankan filmmaker who explores hybrid visual languages between fiction and documentary. After numerous short films, in 2017, he developed his first feature film, “For Son” which received awards at various international film festivals.
Alongside fellow adventurers, Suranga co-founded the collective/ production house, Kaiya Collective, in Sri Lanka, with the ambition of exploring cinematic practices that consistently question the
contemporary sense of image and sound.

He has also worked on several video installation projects, such as ‘A City Born from the Indian Ocean’ and ‘The Season of Grand Hunts.’ Currently, he is preparing his new film, scheduled to be baptized in 2024.

Company Profile

5e6 is an award winning film production company based in the north of Italy. Founded in 2011, the company has created an international network through their work experiences, and have maintained close contact with professionals both in film making and fine arts.
5e6 produces documentary, feature films and artistic project with a particular interest in international co-production.

5e6 is an independent and lean production company capable of accompanying, right from the development, young authors interested in exploring the perpetual changes of society; in the intersection between reality and the storytelling of the real 5e6 finds its interest.