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Virtual Production Inspirational Lab in partnership with European Virtual Production Alliance

“Demystifying VP and its applications for independent productions and industry”

Virtual Production has undoubtedly been one of the most spoken-about industry innovations of recent years, yet for independent industries, it remains a practice shrouded in mystery. Is it only about hyper-expensive LED screens and blockbuster productions, or will this novel approach also revolutionise independent productions? 

VIRTUAL INNOVATION, organised in partnership with European Virtual Production Alliance – an industry network of Europe’s leading virtual production experts and studios, will demystify virtual production once and all for independent industry leaders from financiers decision makers to producers, VFX supervisors, and below the line crew. This Lab will look into different forms of VP, including In-Camera VFX, LED production, previsualization, virtual cameras, and set capturing, as well as into how to assess VP suitability for your production, how to budget and plan the workflow, and how to manage the process from start to finish successfully. The Lab will also present recent case studies from awarded European festival favourites and feature films and TV series to give the participant a 360-degree look into the world of VP. 


  • producers from Europe, Canada and Latin America are eligible to apply;
  • all applications must include: complete online submission form, personal/company profile, motivation letter;
  • it is possible to apply to max. 3 different labs, but it will be possible to attend only one Inspirational Lab;
  • in case you already applied to other WEMW activities (e.g Co-Production Forum or Works in Progress sections) you can also apply to the Inspirational Labs.

In order to submit your application and the required materials you need to create your own account and fill in the following online form.

Extended Deadline: 24 November 2023 23.59 CET


The EAVE Slate and Inspirational Labs activities will take place on January 21/24, 2023 at the main WEMW venue in Trieste.
All applicants will be informed about the selection results in December 2023. The final selection will be primarily based on the applicant’s profile and motivation, and all selected participants will have the opportunity to join the full programme of WEMW.


In case of selection, the participation fee is € 250 EUR, including accreditation, tuition fee, lunches, coffee breaks and access to the on-site WEMW programme.
Travel costs and accommodation are not included.

* The participation fee will be waived for all Ukrainian selected participants
** Participation costs (including tuition fee, accommodation/subsistence and partial airfare reimbursement) of up to 10 Latin American producers selected in our Inspiration Labs will be covered thanks to the support of IBERMEDIA
*** Thanks to the support from our network of regional/national funds, a limited number of producers from certain regions/countries will be able to access partial/full scholarships. Please contact us at for further info.


If you wish to get more info about the Inspirational Labs and the EAVE Slate, please join our INFO DAY on Thursday November 2 from 11.00 to 12.00 (CET timezone). To confirm your attendance please fill in our registration form no later than October 31.