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January 9, 2023




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Ester dreamt of this holiday in Italy for so long, but she ended up stuck with her mentally challenged son, David, in a caravan parked in the garden of her old friend’s house. Her friends try their best, but they find it difficult to put up with David’s unpredictable and destructive behavior. Ester feels alone, isolated, and burdensome. She can’t take it anymore. At night, she starts the caravan and she and David set out on a trip across Italy. On their journey, Ester realizes she can be more than just the mother of a son with disabilities and that they can both live differently.


Ester (45) is a single-mother who has just one small dream: to spend a two-week vacation with old-time friends in Italy without her mentally disabled son David (14). Things take a different turn. She has no other option than to take her son with her. Ester’s Italian friends are trying their best, but it’s tough for them to deal with David’s unpredictable behaviour. They decide it would be better if Ester and her son spend the rest of their vacation in a caravan parked in the garden.
For Ester, this is the final straw. The last thing she wanted was to spend her once in a lifetime holiday feeling like a pain in the neck to her friends. When nighttime comes, she starts the caravan and takes off. She does not know where they are going or how long they will stay there. On their transformative journey across Italy, Ester realizes she can be more than just the mother of a son with disabilities and that they can both live differently.

Director’s Profile

Zuzana graduated in Film Direction from the FAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Her graduation film Bába won the 1st Prize Cinéfondation at the 62 nd Cannes Film Festival The movie was also showcased at a number of international film festivals, and received many more awards such as the Prix Europeén France 2 at the 24th Brest European Short Film Festival. In recent years she collaborated with Czech television on several documentary films and TV series.

Company Profile

MasterFilm is an independent Prague-based company, founded in 2011. With a deep passion for film, we focus mainly on auteur driven
cinema of different genres. We are interested in projects with potential of European coproduction and regularly take part in international workshops and markets Our features, documentaries, and short films have been shown and awarded at international festivals such as Karlovy Vary (Sensitive Man), Rotterdam (The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street), Locarno (Reconstruction), Cannes (Cagey Tigers) or Annecy (Fruits of clouds).