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100 Litres of Gold

January 9, 2023


100 Litres of Gold

100 litres

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Taina and Pirkko promise to make 100 litres of sahti (home brewed beer) for their sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, it turns out to be too good not to drink it.

They have only 24 hours to find 100 liters or they will lose all the respect.


Sysmä a municipality of some three thousand residents in Southern Finland. At a ranch live two middle-aged sisters, Taina and Pirkko.
They are famous sahti-makers and have pride in their work. Sahti is a strong beer made today the same way as 500 years ago. Only their father, Veikko is known to be a better in the art of sahti-making. Taina and Pirkko have a third sister, Päivi. Päivi is getting married, and she asks her sisters if they could make 100 litres of sahti for the wedding. Pirkko and Taina promise to make the best sahti ever. Unfortunately, it’s too good, not to drink it. The sisters wake up in a horrible hungover the day before the wedding and realize they have drunk all 100 liters. They have only 24 hours to find 100 litres of good sahti. From here starts a comical but life-flavored journey from one disaster to another in the summer in Sysmä. They both need to face the fact that they might like a bit too much of their own product, and it’s not the only thing they need to face.

Director’s Profile

Teemu Nikki is a prolific self-educated, award winning filmmaker from Sysmä, Finland. His latest critically acclaimed feature film Death is a Problem for the Living was premiered at September 2023. Nikki’s earlier success film The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic won the Audience Award at the 78th Venice Film Festival.

Nikki has so far directed 7 feature films, several TV series and in addition numerous short films, which have gained recognition at film festivals all around the world. Nikki’s style is best described as a good willed yet unapologetic satire of humanity.

Company Profile

It’s Alive Films is a Helsinki-based production company founded by filmmakers Teemu Nikki (director-writer) and Jani Pösö (producer-writer). All of It’s Alive’s productions are entertaining takes of deadly serious subjects. The company’s best-known feature films are Death is a Problem for the Living, The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic (Orrizoni Extra Audience Award winner 2021 in Venice Film Festival), and Euthanizer (Finland’s official Oscar candidate 2018) and best known tv-series are Mental (Sekasin), a multi-remade pitch-black comedy about mental problems among young people, and an award-winning TV /web / feature format called Lovemilla – a huge blockbuster with over 14 million views only from Finland.
So far It’s Alive has produced 18 short films, 7 feature films and 3
TV-series. More about at