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Trieste Film Festival and WEMW announce the ninth edition of LAST STOP TRIESTE, a work in progress section for documentary projects in a stage of a fine cut, previously developed/presented in one of our partners platform: Ex-Oriente Film Workshop, BDC Discoveries, Docu Rough Cut Boutique, Baltic Sea Docs, ZagrebDox PRO, When East Meets West.

In this special hybrid edition of both the market and festival, selected documentary fine cuts will be given the chance to be screened both physically in Trieste and online to an exclusive platform of international sales agents, festival programmers and TV commissioning editors with the aim of enhancing their potential for finding festival premiere, sales agent and broadcasting slot.

Along with a short presentation and the screening of the prepared selection of scenes from their fine cuts, all selected teams will participate at the moderated feedback session with hand-picked decision makers attending physically Last Stop Trieste. Virtual one-to-one meetings with any professional possibly interested in the film will also be arranged.

All selected fine-cuts will compete for the HBO EUROPE Award and the FIRST HAND FUND Award.

Applications must be submitted via eventival, following the instructions at this link.

LST will take place alongside the Trieste Film Festival and When East Meets West on January 22/24. For further details, please read carefully the guidelines and application form.


I. General aspects
The extended deadline for submitting a project to Last Stop Trieste is November 25, 2022.
The project should be at a fine cut stage and should have a full cut by January 2023.
Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.
Application materials and subtitles must be submitted in English.
Only one project per applicant can be submitted.
The selection committee’s decisions cannot be appealed.

All applications must be submitted through our database eventival following the instructions at this link.
There must be English subtitles in the submitted video materials.
The video material should be minimum 45 min of your fine cut, maximum 60 min.
It’s mandatory for the video to be available via password protected streaming service (e.g. vimeo) with validity until the end of LST.
No transfer services or cloud storage is accepted.

III. Selection Criteria
LST has interest to support creative documentary projects that have a final duration between 60 minutes and feature length, done with a strong cinematic language and artistic imprint of the director.
No specific themes or styles are preferred.
There are no other specific fixed criteria and each individual project will be considered on its own merits. Projects should be new or recent and there should be a potential international market.

IV.Specific Conditions
There is no entry fee for applications.
Once a project has been selected, at least one representative should be present during the days of Last Stop Trieste (22-24 January 2023).
Finished film projects participants of LST should mention Last Stop Trieste and display its logo in their credits.
Preferably, the following sentence should be mentioned in the credit list: “[film title] has been presented at Last Stop Trieste of When East Meets West – Trieste Film Festival”.
The LST-WEMW-TSFF logo will be sent upon request.