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The Remnants of You

January 9, 2023


The Remnants of You


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Upon learning of the sudden death of her father, Sara renounces her bright future as a prominent jazz pianist and returns to Spain to rediscover her family’s bucolic identity.


Sara (25) is on the brink of debuting with her first jazz concert in New York, when she suddenly has to return to her hometown in the Pyrenees of Huesca, Spain: her father Julio has passed away in a car accident.

All that remains is a farm and a flock of sheep, which she inherits together with her sister, Elena (27), who has stayed behind in their rural hometown and is also a livestock farmer.

Back home, Sara tries to prepare for her upcoming concerto, but the remnants of Julio linger on throughout his farm, belongings and flock. Alongside grief, Sara harbors guilt for not being there in his final years. To ease the pain, she visits her disabled grandfather in the nursing home, contemplating the right moment to break the tragic news about his late son. Through the lies she creates to justify Julio’s absence, Sara constructs a parallel reality in which her father is alive.
When Elena decides to sell the flock to fund a new project, Sara
strongly opposes. Plunging into memories and bereavement, she
takes on her father’s legacy, managing the farm on her own.

She seeks refuge in Tina (46), her father’s girlfriend and a veterinarian. Tina introduces her to sustainable farming, and Sara implements her father’s principles. She sacrifices her future as a pianist for livestock farming to compensate for the guilt she feels. Yet, she experiences the emptiness of a life she never wanted in the first place. To resume her path, Sara must forgive herself and accept life without her father.

Director’s Profile

Gala Gracia graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the
Complutense University of Madrid and studied a postgraduate
degree in film direction and scriptwriting at Kingston University in

Her short film “The color of thirst” received a total of twenty-three national and international awards, including the Grand Prix at the 38th edition of the Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne (Lyon, France) in 2018.
Her short film “The wall” premiered nationally at the Huesca International Film Festival and was selected at numerous festivals including Medina del Campo and Zaragoza Film Festival in 2021.
“The remnants of you” is her debut feature film and was filmed and
post-produced during 2023. The script was previously selected in
the 17th edition of the Ibero-American Film Project Development
Course of the Ibermedia Program in 2019. It’s a co-production between Spain (Potenza Producciones and Bastian Films), Italy (Sajama Films and Garbo Produzioni) and Portugal (Fado Filmes).
At the same time, Gala has co-written and co-directed the short film
“Evanescente”, together with Guillermo Garavito Amado, which
had the support of the Community of Madrid and has just finished
the post-production phase.
Gala has directed other non-fiction audiovisual formats and combines the development of her new projects with work at the casting department, having worked as a casting assistant for Mireia Juárez (Alcarràs) and Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano (Money Heist).

Company Profile

Sajama Films is a film production company founded by Pilar
Saavedra Perrotta in 2022, based in Rome, Italy.

Sajama Films aims to create stories that push the viewer experience, producing new emerging talents and promoting the language of contemporary Italian auteur cinema by developing original storytelling with a strong filmic identity.
Recent works include “Io e il secco” by Gianluca Santoni, which
was awarded at Alice Nella Città, independent section of the Rome
Film Festival 2023. A Nightswim production in association with Sajama Films; “Lo Que Queda De Ti”, an international co-production by emerging director Gala Gracia, currently in post-production; “Lo Scambio”, second feature of Gianclaudio Cappai, and “Il Primo Figlio”, by debutant director Mara Fondacaro, both in production.
In development at the moment are “Ethnikos Ellinorosson” by Yorgos Teltzidis, “Gli Ospiti” by Italian auteur Alessio Cremonini, based on the true story of Italian diplomats during Pinochet’s 1973 coup d’état in Chile, and “L’imperatrice”, documentary feature about the illustrious artist Niki de Saint Phalle and her monumental work, The Tarot Garden, to be directed by Isabel Achaval and Chiara Bondì.

Potenza Producciones is an audiovisual and film production company created by Carlo D’Ursi in 2004. Its focus being on international coproduction, Potenza is committed to opening new paths in the Spanish, European and Iberoamerican film industry through the search and support of new talents and creative ways to produce and distribute.
The company produces fiction, documental and experimental feature films and short films.
Its filmography includes 19 qualified titles. These productions made
it possible to compete and assist at film festivals like Cannes, Venice, Pusan, Montreal, Málaga and more. Its latest film “Boss” (2018), first feature of Sergio Barrejón, was nominated at the Goya Awards 2019 for Best Adapted Script and is now part of Netflix’s catalogue all around the world.
Potenza Producciones’ productions have accumulated more than
400 awards and have been acquired by ARTE, NETFLIX, SUNDANCE ch, MOVISTAR+, TVE, RTP, VIACOM NETWORKS. Furthermore, Latido Films, Global Screen and Warner, amongst others, have distributed them.
The company is still rooting for new talents and contents. “Tabib” is
one of its lasts short films with more than 50 awards both nationally and internationally like the Speciale en Nastri d’Argento Award,
UNICEF Award in ZINEBI and the nomination for Best Short Film
in José Maria Forqué Awards.