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December 15, 2022





by Jorge Forero
Marginal Cine | Colombia

Live-action feature


Alejandro, amid a mid-life crisis, decides to embark on a journey to find his father, who abandoned him before he was born.

To do so, he will travel through different layers of reality behind his father’s ghost to break the legacy imposed on him.


Alejandro, a lonely university professor, is facing a midlife crisis filled with strange dreams and chest pains. On his birthday, a car tire crashes into his apartment, unveiling a Volkswagen Beetle wrecked nearby, devoid of occupants.
Alejandro learns he has two hereditary heart diseases, so he decides to know more about his father, who abandoned him before he was born. He visits his grandmother, who reveals that his father died of a heart attack. Shocked, he embarks on a quest to find out more about him. At the university, during protests and confrontations between the police and the students, Alejandro saves Jaime, a student with indigenous features, and they form a protective bond. As the investigation into Alejandro’s father’s death unfolds, his life melds with his dreams, blurring past, present, and future. Vivid dreams feature a Volkswagen Beetle journeying through the jungle with a boy and a man resembling him.
Reality shifts; his grandmother vanishes, and his father’s body disappears. Alejandro suffers a crisis and violently confronts Jaime.
Returning home, Alejandro finds his father’s lifeless body. Shocked, he realizes this experience has been a spiritual journey guided by
Jaime and a Shaman in the jungle. In the spiritual layer, Alejandro experiences past events, including his father’s abandonment and his struggles. He witnesses his father’s happiness with a new family and his lack of love for him. He relives childhood rebuffs and the day his father finally met him, picking him up in a Volkswagen Beetle for his grandfather’s funeral.
Alejandro follows his father to an apartment, witnessing his suicide.
Determined to sever ties with his past, Alejandro confronts his father’s spirit by breaking his link with a history he doesn’t want to repeat. Alejandro douses his apartment in gasoline, which is now just a simple rack, before lighting it on fire in the dawn of the jungle.
The following day, Alejandro navigates a jungle river on his way home. Upon reaching Bogotá, he attends a birthday party. He pauses before a mirror, finally finding peace.

Director’s Profile

Jorge Forero is a Colombian director, producer, and founder of Marginal Cine and Burning Blue. Forero is a Berlinale Talent 2023
His feature film “Violencia” premiered at the 2015 Berlinale Forum and won Best Film at the Huelva Festival. Forero directed a segment of the collective short film “Inside,” created by six Latin American directors during the pandemic.
He also helmed the short films “One of those days” and “Never even,” along with the documentary “In the bottom of the well.”

Additionally, he has produced or co-produced a dozen feature films, including “Land and Shade” (Camera d’Or – Cannes 2015) and “The Sacrifice” (Sitges – 2018). “Matryoshka” marks his second directorial feature and will be released in 2024. Jorge is on the board of the Colombian Film Academy and a master’s degree professor at the Universidad Javeriana.

Company Profile

Marginal Cine was founded in 2021 by Colombian filmmaker Jorge Forero, who previously co-founded Colombia’s leading film company, Burning Blue, with which he produced about ten films.
Marginal Cine is focused on the creation of daring audiovisual works experimenting with new narratives, forms, or themes. To that end, it has the backing and collaboration of artists, filmmakers, animators, and visual artists who share resonant audiovisual approaches.
Since 2021, the company has produced:
– Inside (2021), a short film of collective creation made by Diego
Lerman, Alexandra Lartishev, Gustavo Vinagre, Gabriela Calvache,
and Jorge Forero.
– Diòba by Adriana Rojas. Her first feature film premiered at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 2023.
– Matryoshka, the second feature film directed by Jorge Forero.
The film will be released in 2024.
– Dreams travel with the wind. A feature documentary film directed
by Inti Jacanamijoy. Selected at the Rough Cut Lab at Visions du
Réel 2023. To be released in 2024.
Marginal Cine is developing visual artist Juanita Onzaga’s feature
debut “The Landscapes That You Seek”; Jorge Navas’ third feature film “At the End of the Night,”, who previously made Blood and
Rain (Venice 2009) and We Are The Heat (Warsaw – 2018); the
feature documentary film “Barranca” by Colombian artist Isabella
Londoño; and “Invisible,” Jorge Forero’s next film.