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January 12, 2023





Fiction | 1st feature

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After the Kosovo war, an actress faces her own traumatic history, evolving into an inspiration for 20,000 survivors of sexual violence.


At the Women Rehabilitation Center in Kosovo, two patients willingly share their wartime experiences as part of the Art Therapy program.
Actress Sara is actively involved in this endeavor, tasked with translating these narratives into impactful performances aimed at helping women confront the aftermath of war trauma. As Sara delves deeper into portraying these narratives, unexpected developments lead her to confront her own wartime trauma associated with her father and her other name HANA.
Empowered by the support of sisterhood, Sara not only portrays her
own story but also becomes inspiration for self-healing among the
20,000 survivors of sexual violence during the Kosovo war.

Director’s Profile

Award-winning director and producer, born in 1984 in Kosovo, who first explored the world of art through his passion for cartooning
and comic books. With a natural flair for visual storytelling, he quickly transitioned to become a movie editor before eventually rising to prominence as a film director and producer. His creative works have been showcased at several A Category International Film Festivals, including the Melbourne Film Festival,
Cinequest, Warsaw, Tampere, Cleveland, Cine de Huesca, and
Abu Dhabi, among others. His most renowned short film, “KOLONA,” has achieved remarkable success, having been screened at over 60 International Film Festivals and won 17 awards, including the prestigious Best Live Action Short award at the 37th Cleveland Film Festival in 2013 (an Oscar Qualifier for Nomination). “KOLONA” has even been featured on Asiana Airline planes, captivating over 150,000 passengers with its gripping storyline.
In 2011, he founded AJO PICTURES, a production company specialising in TV advertisements and movie production.
Director’s previous work:
“Menuet for Maksut and Fetah” (2003) – Documentary Film
“KAONA” (2004) – Short film (fiction)
“WINDOWS XP” (2005) – Short film (fiction)
“BATHTUB” (2006) – Short film (fiction)
“KOLONA” (2012) – Short film (fiction)
Password: kolona
“The Given Word” (2016) – Short film (fiction)
“Private Collectors” (2019) – Documentary Film
“Mist” (2022) – Documentary Film
“Searching for Burbuqe Rushiti” (2023) – Documentary Film
Website url:

Company Profile

AJO Pictures is Founded in 2010 by director and producer Ujkan Hysaj, AJO Pictures, based in Pristina, Kosovo, is dedicated to developing and producing both Kosovan and international art-house films. Specializing in commercials, we have successfully collaborated with various agencies and international productions, offering film and commercial services across diverse fields. Our films have been featured at prestigious global film festivals, such as Tampere, Warsaw, and the Cleveland Film Festival. AJO Pictures is fueled by a dynamic team of young and energetic professionals, collectively striving to bring a fresh perspective to the industry.