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January 12, 2023





Fiction | 1st feature

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We find Mijo hiding in the woods as a soldier at the end of the second World War, and through his life, we explore the circumstances that lead to the expansion of extremism, both in the past and today


Mijo lives with his family in a poor village in the rural part of Croatia. By witnessing a cruel act by his father driven by the unbearable poverty and after carrying out the municipal authorities’ undue order to get rid of the family dog, Mijo becomes easy pray for extreme ideology which offers him false hope for a better life and a false culprit for all the horrible things he has suffered. Through this intimate story of Mijo’s life, sketched in four episodes which take place during different periods of his life between 1926 and 1945, a clear image of the history shines through; the constant turmoil of war, poverty, and even a promised utopia, a desperate hope for a better life.


Director’s Profile

Bruno Anković (Split, 1976) graduated film and TV editing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He has directed short fiction
and documentary films and TV formats. Since 1999 he has been working as a director of a great number of high-profile commercials winning awards and recognition. “Celebration” is his debut feature.

Company Profile

Eclectica is a film & TV production and post-production company from Zagreb, Croatia. Eclectica produces film, television and commercial projects. The first feature film produced by Eclectica in coproduction with Sense Production (Serbia), “The Uncle” by Andrija Mardešic and David Kapac, had its world premiere in the Proxima competition at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2022 and was awarded with a special mention. A six-part documentary series “The Age of Untruth” (“Kolaži o laži”) had its premiere in the summer of 2021. The series has been written and directed by Nebojša Slijepcevic and Judita Gamulin and produced for the Croatian national television – HRT.