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December 15, 2022





by  Alessandro Cassigoli and Casey Kauffman
Ladoc / Zoe Films and Sacher Film | Italy

Live-action feature


Mesmerized by a recurring dream of her deceased father, a 40-year-old woman from Naples decides to adopt a little girl despite the fierc e opposition of her husband, three sons, and the gatekeepers of the system.


Jasmine has three sons who adore her, a kind husband, and a job she loves in the sunny town where she grew up near Naples. But shortly after the death of her father, a recurring dream about her dad and a little girl throws her into a crisis, and she decides she cannot be happy without a daughter. Propelled by this deep, almost irrational desire, she dives into the complex world of international adoption. She battles the bureaucracy, is forced to break the rules, and risks financial ruin. She also risks her marriage and her relationship with her eldest son along the way. Everyone thinks she’s crazy – but she remains determined… until the moment she meets her daughter in a frigid, Soviet-built orphanage in Moldova, 3000 km away.

Director’s Profile

Alessandro Cassigoli and Casey Kauffman have directed three feature-length films together.

CALIFORNIE (Ang Film/Rai Cinema, Italy 2021) is their first fiction. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival’s “Giornate degli autori” where it won the Europa Cinemas Label and the BNL Award for Best Screenplay. It was distributed theatrically by Fandango in April 2022, nominated for Italy’s “Globo d’oro” for Best Debut Film, and awarded Best Film at “Bimbi belli,” Nanni Moretti’s competition for emerging directors.

BUTTERFLY (Indyca/Rai Cinema, Italy 2018 – ) is a documentary made for cinema that was distributed across Italy by Luce Cinecittà after its premiere at Rome’s Festa del Cinema/Alice nella città.
International and North American premieres followed at IDFA and
Hot Docs, and it won Italy’s “Globo d’oro” for Best Documentary

THE THINGS WE KEEP (Yuzu/Arte/Al Jazeera, France 2017)
won the Audience Award at Italy’s Biografilm documentary festival,
and is distributed by Passion River Films.
Prior to their collaboration, Alessandro was based in Berlin and
directed 6 primetime documentaries for Arte, while Casey was
based in the Middle East for 9 years working as a field journalist for
Al Jazeera English.

Company Profile

– Ladoc focuses on creative documentary as well as arts and culture, society and history documentaries.
– Zoe FIlms is a newly founded company focused on “art house” feature film