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Turquoise Mountain

December 15, 2022


Turquoise Mountain


Turquoise Mountain

by  Barbora Chalupová
Nochi Film | Czech Republic

Live-action feature | 1st feature


In a world of barriers and her own guarded heart, Dina sets out to conquer an eight-thousander, defying expectations in communist

But the treacherous journey reveals much more than just challenges of family, work and her own nature.


In 1984, Czechoslovak mountaineer Dina Štěrbová embarks on an unprecedented expedition to Mount Cho Oyu, the Himalayas’ Turquoise Mountain, aiming to be the first woman to conquer its towering slopes. Accompanied by Czech emigrant Věra Komárková
and two Sherpas, theirs is the smallest expedition in history. Facing daunting challenges, Dina’s mind drifts back to Czechoslovakia due to the lack of oxygen. At home, she grapples with family responsibilities, juggling roles as a wife and mother. The local mountaineering community’s skepticism adds to her struggles, frowning upon the audacity of their all-female ascent. In the socialist regime’s restrictive conditions, Dina meticulously prepares for the journey, battling not only the mountain but societal expectations.During the ascent, Dina and Věra’s conflicting worldviews heighten tension. The summit of Cho Oyu becomes a paradoxical moment of triumph and unexpected emptiness, as they reach it shrouded in dense fog.
The story concludes in Kathmandu, where Dina and Věra face a final disappointment. Inviting Czech male mountaineers to celebrate, they wait in vain, underlining the isolation of their achievement.
This intimate portrait of Dina’s journey transcends a historical narrative; it’s a timeless exploration of personal triumphs over obstacles. Viewers are invited to learn from the universal resilience of two pioneering women who conquered not only the mountain but
also their inner struggles.

Director’s Profile

Barbora Chalupova is a screenwriter and director of the emerging film generation, who is not afraid to experiment in her films. Her most successful film is her feature debut Caught in the Net (co-directed by Vit Klusak, 2020) about child abuse on the internet, for which she received the Czech Lion for Best Documentary, and it became the most attended documentary film in cinemas in Czech history. Her next feature film THE LAW OF LOVE (2021) dealt with the legalisation of marriage for same-sex couples. Her student films TRANSITION (2014), ARMS READY (2016), ON THE EDGE (2018) have been screened at many Czech and international festivals. In 2022, she premiered her short fiction film CON SPIRO. She is a long time collaborator of Czech Television where she premiered her documentary TV series UNDER A DISTRAINT ORDER: HOW DEBTS ARE CREATED, which was nominated for PRIX EUROPE 2023.

Company Profile

NOCHI FILM concentrates on debuting and marginalised voices in cinema. The company was established by producer Julie Marková Žáčková with the aim to tell innovative stories, support the new
generation of filmmakers and help create a safer and more inclusive film industry.

The company is newly established in March 2023 but already has a number of projects in various stages of development/production:
postproduction> UTEKAC / PROMISE, I’LL BE FINE (director and
scriptwriter Katarina Gramatova, 1st film)
financing> ZVIRE / ANIMAL (director and scriptwriter Milada
Tesitelova, 1st film)
development> SUBSTANCE (director Barbora Chalupova, 2nd
development> SIDE BY SIDE (director Kilian Vratnik, 1st film)