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The broken R

December 15, 2022


The broken R

broken r

The broken R

by Ricardo Ruales
Incubadora | Ecuador and Small Boss | Italy

Documentary| 1st feature


This is an essay about the voice, and this is the voice of this essay.


I am Ricardo Ruales, I was born with Treacher Collins syndrome and developed an inability to correctly pronounce the letter R.

This caused a deep feeling of uncertainty to find my voice that lasted for years, this feeling of invisibility was produced not only by my disability but also by a non-heteronormative sexual orientation in an oppressive environment and a conservative society.

Years later, after undergoing language therapy and correcting the
error in the pronunciation of the R, I feel a strong craving to document this process. I decided to make this film and little by little to determine what it means for me to find my own voice, all through
the cinematographic device.
In this way The Broken R is presented as a documentary essay
where gradually the concept of voice is intertwined with the concept of identity. This film also tries to answer questions about the
complexity of the construction of the self, marked by disability and
a dissenting sexuality.

Director’s Profile

Film degree in UDLA.

Director of The Silence of Time, short documentary which was selected in several international film festivals. Ricardo Ruales worked at EDOC, FICQ, and is an ex-alumno of IDFA Academy and Documentary Campus. Founder member of INCUBADORA screenwriter of the feature films Cuentero and El Rito. The Broken R is his fir st documentary feature.

Company Profile

Incubadora is a production company focused on the development of artistic creation projects, founded in 2018 by a group of nine partners involved in different artistic activities. Despite the young age, the company has the support of producer Soledad Santelices,
who has more than 10 years of work in the film industry.

Small Boss, is a boutique production company specialized in documentaries and animation.

It has already created and produced documentaries selected and awarded from several international festivals and broadcast by RAI, SVT, Al Jazeera, GloboTv, HRT, 2M, France Télévision, RTBF, BBC,RTVE, AL Arabiya.
in development – ZERO-EMISSION GUY, how to avoid the end of
the world – Documentary Series
in development – ROTACISMO – Documentary Feature
in development – THE TREASURE OF THE WYRM – Animation
in development – AI FLORES DO VERDE PINO – Fiction feature
In post-production – IL COMPLOTTO DI TIRANA – Documentary
2023 – SPRING IN MARIUPOL – directed by Matteo Ferrarini
2023 – THE LAND YOU BELONG – directed by Elena Rebeca
Carini – Documentary feature
2023 – WHERE THE WATER DRIPS – directed by Stefano Cattini
2021 – ETHBET! – directed by Matteo Ferrarini – Documentary feature