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The Big Night

January 15, 2023


The Big Night



The unforgettable night of two teenage girls turns into a nightmare, when one of them ends up in the hospital. The struggle for life will change their lives forever.


Sara, a middle-class teenage girl from Skopje, is a host of an exchange student Jill. The school year is over and the two girls are having their last party together, before Jill leaves for home. This night should also be the gate to her adulthood. Suddenly the night turns into a nightmare. Struggling with the language barrier and the culture differences, Jill finds herself in the city hospital at the worst moment. A friend is trying to help the girls, while all medical teams from the hospital are focused on saving the life of a local politician. Sara is faced with important decisions that will change their lives forever.

Author’s Note

This story is very important to me, because it’s inspired by a true event with a close friend of mine, where her life was in danger. As always, in this film I start from personal perspective, where I make a diagnosis of society, but I also explore the nature of female characters, а challenge for me as a director and as a man. The film is based on contrasts, such as the characters and the life itself of teenage girls who grew up in different societies and circumstances. I believe that my youth and the surroundings in which I grew up will help me illustrate this story. The film is told from the perspective of Sara, who is suppressed by her relationship with Jill and the society around her. It is literally reflected in the expression of the visual style, where we peek into their life, but we are helpless.

Company Profile

OXO Production is recognized as trailblazer of the new TV series production in North Macedonia, developing and producing quality projects with experienced and perspective film and TV professionals, from the country and the region, always aiming to create audio-visual products with modern and positive principles and values.

Since 2014 developed and produced “Prespav”, “House Arrest” and “5 Plus”, the most popular TV series for the last 20 years. Carefully selected themes and topics, international cast and crew has resulted with regional distribution.

Also, OXO has been working on short fiction, animation and documentary films, with worldwide festival screenings and awards: “Solo Mode” (2021, Sarajevo Film Festival) by Tamara Kotevska, “We Are All Going to Die” by Sashko Potter Micevski (2020, MakeDox) and “Piglet who wanted to be a bird” by Eleonora Veninova (UNESCO Special Prize Nominee at Prix Jeunnese Intenational 2016) are some of them.