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Rebelión de la Memoria

December 15, 2022


Rebelión de la Memoria


Rebelión de la Memoria

by Joël Jent
Aaron Film |Switzerland, Amazona Producciones |Peru and Les Films d’Ici | France

Documentary | 1st feature


Between 1980 and 2001, Peru’s Andean highlands were caught in the crossfire between the guerrilla and the state forces.

Three people from different sides of the conflict seek their way out of a dark past.


Former child soldier Carlitos seeks to unite his wartime parents. But Tania and Shogún are no regular mother and father.

Carlitos chose them as his parents although they were enemies in the Peruvian civil war. Maybe they still are. Carlitos joined the Guerilla «Sendero Luminoso» at the age of 12. Among the fighters, he met Tania. She saved lives and one day became his mother. Amid a bloody war, she taught him how to survive. How to love life. Their paths diverged as they were sent to separate locations. Everyday Carlitos’ group of fighters was hunted by soldiers of the Peruvian army. One day, the soldiers ambushed the group and killed everyone except Carlitos. A young lieutenant named Shogún decided to spare his life and took him to the barracks. There, Shogún became his father. He first sent him to school and then made him a soldier. Carlitos had to fight again, but this time against the guerillas. Also against his mother.
Nearly 40 years later, Tania and Shogún grapple with the memories of their haunting pasts.

Both yearn to forget yet are compelled to remember. Full of doubts if his they will agree to meet, the prodigal son returns to his wartime parents.

For their first union, Carlitos chooses a former  battleground in the Andes, where they once fought. In a small hut they will cook, eat and sleep together in the same room. Maybe they will find the words to talk. Maybe they will discover understanding for each other…

Director’s Profile

Born in 1983, grew up in Toggenburg (Switzerland).

From 2004 to 2010 Joël Jent pursued a program of study in film, political science, philosophy and social/economic history at University of Zurich, which he completed in 2010 with a Master of Arts degree. Since 2003, Joël Jent has written (THE BLIND FERRYMAN, EATING THE SILENCE, WINDOWLESS) and produced several short and feature films (THE SAINT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW, FACING MECCA, BON VOYAGE, IRAQI ODYSSEY). He directs documentary and fiction (EATING THE SILENCE, VIVRE LE PIANO, DÉSAMOUR) and is a winner of the SSA grant (Société Suisse des Auteurs). Joël Jent lectures at Zurich University and is a member of the European and the Swiss Film Academy.
He works as an independent filmmaker and screenwriter.

Company Profile

Aaron Film produces audiovisual projects regarding contemporary and past issues of social and political life with a main interest in social interaction.

We pursue the aim of creating valuable authorial films. Our last productions include EATING THE SILENCE (2021, short fiction by Joël Jent and Ali Al-Fatlawi, winner of, among others, the Jury Award – Golden Beggar Film Festival, Best Short Film Award – Common Good Film Festival, Best Int. Film Award Balneário Camboriú Int. Film Festival), WINDOWLESS (2019, short by Samuel Flückiger, winner of Best Fiction Award – Jozi Film Festival, Best Editing Award – Macau Int. Short Film Festival, VIVRE LE PIANO (2009, mid-length documentary by Joël Jent, premiere at FipaDoc 2009).