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Most People Die on Sundays

December 15, 2022


Most people die on Sundays


Most people die on Sundays

by Iair Said
Campo Cine | Argentina and Dispàrte | Italy

Fiction | 1st feature


David returns to Buenos Aires from Europe. After arriving, David learns that his mother has decided to pull the plug on Bernardo, David’s father.
David oscillates between his past and present, as he tries to find his own place.


David, a 30 year-old Argentinean boy, corpulent, with a flabby body, homosexual and afraid of flying, returns to Buenos Aires from Europe, due to the death of his uncle. After arriving, David learns that his mother has decided to pull the plug on Bernardo, David’s father.
David oscillates between the intimate coexistence with his mother, alienated by the pain of the imminent loss of her husband, and a ravenous desire to fill his existential anguish, spending his hours learning to drive, going to doctors cheaper than in Europe, and trying to have sex with any man who shows him a little attention.

Director’s Profile

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988, Iair is an actor, director and casting director.

His last short film “Present imperfect” was selected in the official competition for the 68th Cannes Film Festival 2015 and the 17th International Independent FilmFestival Buenos Aires, BAFICI .
The short film “9 vaccines” was his directorial debut, and went on to win “The Black Pearl Award“ for Best Narrative Short Film at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the Best Short Film Award at the BAFICI FilmFestival.
His film “Flora´s life is no pic-nic” has remained on screen for 9 months at the MALBA museum, Buenos Aires. It has been received the Buenos Aires metropolitan Fund, the “Patronage law” (and it was the winner of the young Art Buenos Aires Bienal.
Among his works as casting director, we can mention his contributions in “West side story ”,“The Angel”, “Wild Tales”, “Arde Madrid”, “Operation Finale”, and “Focus”.
His acting work includes the feature films “In here”, “My first wedding”, “Masterplan” and “Nena, saludame al Diego”, and the short film “I’m so happy” (Official Selection for the Cannes Short Film Competition in 2011).

Company Profile

A feature film & documentary production house founded by Diego Lerman and Nicolás Avruj, Campo Cine is committed to personal, risky and innovative projects, for both local and international markets.
Keeping this commitment as a goal, Campo Cine has produced films that have won awards in the most prestigious festivals and were screened all around the world.
For example, “Akelarre” by Pablo Agüero; “La mirada invisible” (2010), “Refugiado” (2014), “Una especie de familia” (2017) and “El suplente” (2022) by Diego Lerman; “Maternal” by Maura Delpero; “Mi amiga del parque” (2015) and “Sueño Florianópolis” (2018) by Ana Katz; “Planta permanente” by Ezequiel Radusky; ”Ciego” by Fernando Zuber; “El país de las últimas cosas” by Alejandro Chomski; “Nosotros, ellos y yo” (2015) by Nicolás Avruj; “Los hongos” (2015) by Oscar Ruiz Navia; “Porfirio” y “Monos” by Alejandro Landes; “Marriage a Mendoza” by Edouard Deluc.
We’re currently working on Los Domingos Mueren más Personas, from actor-director Iair Said, La conquista by Diego Lerman and 1989, directed by Karina Minujin.