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Wandering Souls

January 9, 2023


Wandering Souls


Wandering Souls

1st feature


“Anime galleggianti” is a magical journey through the atemporal land of Sardinia inspired by Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”, mixing classical mythology with contemporary themes, literary tradition with local rituals, and documentary methods with fantasy.


This cinematic voyage reimagines the passionate stories of Ovid’s most intriguing characters, including Persephone, Arachne, Orpheus, Callisto, Europa, and Daphne, whose intertwined destinies culminate during carnival rites evoking fertility, life and death. Just as Ovid’s souls wander from body to body, transforming themselves without boundaries between species, the film wanders from character to character, from place to place, tied together by the narrative thread of the three Fates.

Director’s Profile

Maria Giménez Cavallo was born in New York in 1992 to an Italian-American mother and Spanish father. She specialized in film history, Italian studies and French studies at Columbia University. After graduation in 2014, Maria moved to Paris to work with Abdellatif Kechiche for four years as artistic collaborator, casting director, assistant director and editor on the “Mektoub, My Love” trilogy. She later moved to Rome to work with Pietro Marcello on two documentaries and then back to Paris for his latest fiction film “L’Envol”.
Since then, Maria has participated in various workshops, including Locarno Spring Academy, Armani Laboratorio, and Itineranze Doc, and she has made a few short films with nature as the central theme. “Anime galleggianti” is her debut feature film.

Company Profile

anima films was created in 2020 by Maria Giménez Cavallo to independently produce her own films. They are currently looking for co-producers and collaborators.