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The Last Summer

December 15, 2022


The Last Summer


The Last Summer

by João Nuno Pinto
Wonder Maria Filmes | Portugal and Grifa Filmes | Brazil



During a torrid summer, a family is about to sell their land. Three women depend on what will happen to the farm, until a fire engulfs the region and, prevented from leaving, they will face the uncertainties about
the future.


THE LAST SUMMER is a story told from three different points of view. The story is almost the same, but it is not the same, because after all we never see things the same way as the other person. Even if the other person is your sister. A farm is about to be sold. Four brothers are the heirs of lands that used to produce olive oil and that today are unproductive, leaving only memories and warped faucets. The possibility of selling this place is the trigger for the individual crises of three women whose lives are impacted by this event, and it is through each one’s point of view that the film develops. Francisca is the eldest of four siblings and she lives on the farm. Francisca does not want to sell. She welcomes the siblings for what she calls the family’s “last summer” in the place where they all spent their childhoods and adolescences. In the center of the property is a blue swimming pool, the immaculate water, the only place of refreshment for the exorbitant temperatures, a small oasis of breathing and conviviality. Catarina is the second sister and the second point of view in the story. She is an athletic, elegant and pragmatic woman. She arrives at the house determined to leave everything ready and beautiful to delight the buyer, sell the land and end that place. In both Francisca’s and Catarina’s stories, the maids Alma and Susana are just figures who are in the background, serving, caring. Susana is the third point of view. She is the maid, daughter of Alma and potentially a half- sister of the others, but this is a secret no one is willing to touch. Each story is told from the moment Catarina arrives at the farm and ends when the fire engulfs the surroundings of the property, leaving each with few options and choices as to what to do in order to survive. We live the intricate family relations when the world seem to be ending, how each one will deal with the end.

Director’s Profile

João Nuno Pinto is a multi-awarded Portuguese film director, born in 1969 at Lourenço Marques, Mozambique. In his latest years he has lived in Lisbon and São Paulo. With a consolidated international career in advertising, in 2010 João Nuno Pinto premiered America, his first feature, an ironic look at contemporary Portugal through the eyes of illegal immigrants. The film was acclaimed in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil. It was selected and awarded by several film festivals around the world. “Mosquito”, his latest feature film, a First World War African drama shot in Mozambique, based on his grand-father true story, had the honour of opening the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020 and won the Critics Award for Best International Film at the 44o Mostra de Cinema de São Paulo, among others. He is directed his first tv series “Causa Própria” an 8-episode crime TV series for RTP1, the main Portuguese state channel.

Company Profile

Wonder Maria Films is a new production company based in Lisbon, Portugal. It was founded by four longtime friends with experienced careers in script writing, production, and film direction. Our aim is to create and produce social and politically relevant projects for a world desperately needing for change.

Led by brothers Mauricio Dias and Fernando Dias, GRIFA FILMES is OSCAR® qualified for two documentaries and three times nominated for the International Emmy Awards. The company is a high-quality Brazilian production company focused on producing great documentaries and series for the national and international market.

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