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December 15, 2022


The Gang


The Gang

by Carol Rodríguez Colás
Fasten Films | Spain

Fiction | 2nd feature


A teenager of Arab roots goes with his lifelong friends to a Barcelona high-class party. The journey is full of surprises that test their friendship. Once at the party, they confront the reality that where there´s a will, not always there´s a way.


HAYMAN (14), an Arab descent, helps his mother with her job as a maid at SARA (14)’s home, in an upper-middle class neighborhood from Barcelona. They feel an attraction, and Sara invites him to her party that night.

Hayman, joint by his lifelong friends TANO (14), of Andalusian parents, and PEREIRA (14), of Dominican roots, begin an all-day journey to their first event outside the suburbs. The way is full of excitement but drop by drop it becomes into an odyssey. They are confronted by social marginalization; Tano is disappointed by his idol, his older brother; Pereira discovers his own prejudices towards “feminized” men; and Hayman turns into the new leader of the group.

Once in the party, together they experience a moment of incredible fullness. However, as the night progresses, Hayman feels a classism he has never faced before, Tano feels expelled from this new universe and Pereira decides to stop being the group’s mediator.

At the climax of the night, a drunken Tano hits one of the guests that is bothering them since their arrival. This ends up with the expulsion of Tano and jeopardizes his friendship with Hayman. “The gang” won’t never be the same again.

Next morning, Hayman and Sara are still awake at the pool of her house. Hayman posts a picture of him with Tano and Pereira, on his Whatsapp group “La Gang”. Suddenly, Nazli appears. Angry, she orders Hayman to start cleaning, and the dream of belonging to Sara’s world was, in the end, just a glimpse.

Director’s Profile

Carol and Marina Rodríguez Colás are two sisters born in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) especially interested in telling stories about the periphery of big cities from a fresh approach that avoids stereotypes.

In 2021 they premiere their feature film Chavalas in the Official Section of the Malaga Festival, distributed by Filmax, Silver Biznaga Audience Award, Best First Film ASECAN Award, Best Film Movistar+ Award, with Carol nominated for Best New Director at the Goya Awards and obtaining a nomination for Best Comedy at the Feroz 2022 and with Marina nominated for Best Screenplay by the Screenwriters Guild of Spain.

During 2020 will be released La vella lluita, produced by Mälmo Pictures and Alba Sotorra SL, nominated for the Gaudí Awards 2021 and Honorable Mention by the Jury at Femcine.

In 2019 they are making Baño compartido, a sitcom produced by RTVE. They have also written and directed documentaries, such as Raval, plan de huída, for TV3 and edited by Meritxell Colell (Con el Viento).

The Gang is their second fiction feature film.

Company Profile

Fasten Films is a film and television production company led by producer Adrià Monés, created with the intention of generating local content for the international market. Its productions include:

“Mediterráneo” by Marcel Barrena. A coproduction with Ekome and Heretic Films (Greece). With the support of ICAA, ICEC, RTVE, TV3, Movistar +, MEDIA Creative Europe, distribution by DeAPlaneta and international sales by Filmax.
– GOYA Awards – Winner: Best Cinematography, Best Production Direction, Best Original Song.
– PLATINO Awards – Best Cinematography
– ROMA Festival – Audience Award.

“Uno para todos” by David Ilundain. A coproduction with Inicia Films (Summer 1993) and A contracorriente films. With the support of RTVE, Movistar+, TV3, Aragón TV, Rakuten, Media Europa Creativa, ICAA, ICEC, Comunidad de Navarra and the sales house Film Factory.
– International premiere at Miami Film Festival. National Premiere at Barcelona Film Festival.
– GOYA Awards: Nominated for Best Actor (David Verdaguer).

“La voluntaria” by Nely Reguera. A coproduction with BTeam Pictures and Homemade Films (Greece). With the support of ICAA, ICEC, MEDIA Europa Creativa, Eurimages, RTVE, TV3, Movistar +, etc.
– Malaga Film Festival 2022 – Official Selection
– D’A Film Festival 2022.

“O corpo aberto” by Ángeles Huerta. With the participation of RTVE and Televisión de Galicia; and the support of ICAA, AGADIC and Eurimages. National and international distribution by Filmax.