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Still life with Ghosts

December 15, 2022


Still life with Ghosts


Still life with Ghosts

by Enrique Buleo
Quatre Films | Spain and Ikki Films | France

Fiction | 1st feature


Distressed by the heartaches and trials of life and death, ghosts and humans in a small village in rural Spain do whatever they can to resolve their problems and have no qualms about relying on each other to do so.


To Be Called Aurora: Given the fact that she is no longer imprisoned inside a body that she never felt was her own, the ghost of a transsexual woman decides to take the step of
starting to live, in the afterlife, as the woman she has always been. But finally, to do it, she needs someone on Earth to do her a vitally important favour.
Bone Wedding: A hostile old man who is about to die devises a plan to return to Earth after death. He doesn’t want to leave his wife alone. Following the belief that a ghost with an incomplete task can return to Earth to finish it, he starts to build a model of his town’s church to leave it half-finished and being able to return from the afterlife. But his wife, tired of his outbursts, will try to dash his plans.
Works of Divine Mercy: Two young ghosts return from beyond the grave to speak with the village priest. The Church has just decreed the disappearance of Limbo, where they have lived since they died without being baptized.
Expatriates and wanderers of the afterlife, the two friends go to the priest looking for a solution.
A Man Inside: Flor, a lonely 60-year-old woman, lives saddened by her bad luck in love. She has spent her whole life trying to have a relationship with a man, but nothing works for her. One night, the paranormal
radio program that enlivens her early mornings at work explains how to avoid being possessed by a ghost. But in a desperate attempt she decides to do the opposite, and tries to be possessed by the spirit of an attractive, recently deceased man. She wants to experience love at all costs.
Hardships: Two siblings with great financial difficulties decide to paint the faces of their ancestors on the walls of their house to make them look like real apparitions. In a town with deep-rooted beliefs in the paranormal, publicizing the find and charging a fee to visit could be a great business. But before, they must check the plausibility of the paintings with some neighbours with a reputation for skepticism.

Director’s Profile

ENRIQUE BULEO was born in a small village in the centre of Spain. In 2001, he got his degree in Fine Arts and began to produce serialized graphic work, a job that he combined with the production of his first cinematic works.

Between 2012 and 2015 he studies a Master’s Degree in “Screenwriting” and directs his first experimental short films “Sângerete” and “In Self Defense”.

In 2016 he directs “Decorosa”, a short film with which he won international awards (First Prize at the Edinburgh UnDependence Film Festival and Sax International Film Festival, People’s Choice Award at the Antic Horror Picture Show and Award for Best Screenplay at the WIPE Film Festival in Berlin) and 60 national and international selections.

In 2019 he directs “Hell and Such”, premiered at the Gijon Film Festival in 2019 and won the Jury´s Special Mention at the Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival, the Arte Channel Award in Dresden (Germany) and Third Prize in the Spanish Version and SGAE’s Short Film Competition in 2020. The short was selected in the US at Slamdance, Palm Springs, New Orleans, Nashville and Aspen among others like Guanajuato, Sao Paulo, Nantes, Toulouse, etc. It was acquired by the platform Movistar+.

In 2022 he premieres “Women visiting a city”, selected at Clermont Ferrand, Gijon, Curtas Vila do Conde, Dokufest and Braunschweig among others.

His firts feauture film has been selected at the TIFF Lab, Focus Copro in Cannes and The ECAM´s Incubator, The Screen.

Company Profile

Quatre Films, based in Valencia (Spain) was founded in 2014. Our passion for filmmaking, experimentation and new formats has aimed us to make intriguing projects at home and abroad.

Our films have been selected by festivals including Moscow, San Sebastián, CPH Dox, Morelia, Seattle or Palms Springs and have led us to work with France, Iran, Colombia, USA, Cuba, Dominican Republic, India, or Uganda, among others.

Focused on short films and cinematic documentaries which have travelled around the world, we are currently developing different projects that include feature films and TV series.

As producers we love to find new local talents and grow together. That’s why we produce short films to later on make feature films with them.

We look for local and emergent talent and daring projects by the new generation of filmmakers with personal views, original minds and working methods. We love the challenge to achieve the borders of cinematic language, while engaging audiences through arthouse films and cinematic documentaries.