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Snot&Splash and the mystery of disappearing holes

January 9, 2023


Snot&Splash and the mystery of disappearing holes

snot and splash

Snot&Splash and the mystery of disappearing holes


In a cyber-punk fantasy comedy for all ages, brothers Snot and Splash try to catch a thief who’s stealing holes, only to end up saving the town and the entire world from being sucked into a collapsing waste disposal system.


Two young boys, Snot and Splash, are like all the siblings are – best friends and best enemies. Snot, the older brother, is not the tidiest and most organized person in the world while Splash really likes his things standardized and clean.
The boys are sent to grandma for the winter holidays. They sit in a bus quarreling when they suddenly witness a hole mysteriously appear in the sky, and a lot of waste falling down to a neighboring town. When they arrive at grandma’s, they learn that keyholes of grandma’s house have disappeared.
They also notice that the city has changed. Practically everything is forbidden, and it is impossible to have fun and play.
The boys find out that there is a conspiracy. A local demented dentist has invented a device with which you can steal a hole from where ever and move it into another place. These holes lead to the other dimension – to the neighboring town. Our antagonist, the son of the demented dentist, is dumping all the waste into these holes.
Splash starts to think that this is actually a pretty handy way to keep things clean and tidy and joins the hole-stealing-gang. The boys’ quarrel grows into a real rift. When the bad guys are about to win, the waste disposal system goes broken.
The standardised holes start to collapse into a one massive black hole, and just before it is about to swallow the whole world, the boys solve their rift. Together, they manage to save the earth from collapsing into a black hole and free the little town’s citizens from the dental coating hypnosis.
The power of imagination wins over adults’ short-sightedness, and it is again allowed to play and have fun. The neighboring town is cleaned up from waste, and both Snot and Splash have learned a lesson – even your closest friends have characteristics you don’t like – and so do you.

Director’s Profile

Teemu Nikki, is a experienced, prolific, award winning filmmaker and son of a pig- farmer from Sysmä, Finland. His last feature film, The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic, won audience award in Venice Film Festival 2021, and his last TV-series Mister8 won best series in Cannes Series the same year. Nikki has also directed 4 other features and numerous short films which have gained recognition at film festivals all around the world. Nikki’s style is best described as a good willed yet unapologetic political satire of humanity.

Company Profile

It’s Alive Films is a Helsinki-based production company founded by Teemu Nikki, a director and a filmmaker and Jani Pösö, a producer and a writer. All of our productions are entertaining takes on deadly serious subjects. In addition to The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic (78th Venice international Film festival Audience award winner) our best know works are Euthanizer, Finland’s official Oscar candidate 2018, Mental (Sekasin) a multi-remade pitch-black comedy about mental problems among young people and Cannes Series winner Mister8. So far It’s Alive has produced 17 short films, 5 feature films, and 3 TV-series – and 2 there’s more features in post production right now.

It’s Alive, filmography:

The Blind man who didn’t want to see Titanic, 2021
Nimby, 2020
Euthanizer, 2017
Lovemilla, 2015
Simo Times Three, 2012

Latest awards
Best Series, Winner
Best Performance: Pekka Strang
Canneseries 2021

Orrizonti Extra Audience Award
La Biennale Venice Film Festival 2021, Winner

Best Film ( Feature narrative films ), Winner
Best Actor Award: Petri Poikolainen
Elgouna Film Festival 2021

¨Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Competition, Audience Award, Winner