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Sea Sparkle

January 12, 2023


Sea Sparkle


Sea Sparkle

Fiction | 1st feature


 When her father dies at sea in a shipwreck, teenage Lena is determined to prove that a huge, unknown creature is roaming the deep.


A North Sea fisherman dies at sea under mysterious circumstances. People whisper that the captain is to blame. His teenage daughter Lena however suspects her father’s ship did not go down by accident.  

While Lena mourns her father, she notices a huge shadow slithering beneath the sea surface. No-one saw it but Lena. 

On the beach, Lena and her new friend VINNIE find an enormous tooth inside a battered wooden beam. Lena is convinced: the tooth belongs to the monster that sank her father’s boat. When Lena confronts her mother and best friend KAZ with it, they don’t believe a word.

Lena is determined to find more evidence to clear her father’s name and to prove to the world that a huge, unknown creature is roaming the deep… 

Director’s Profile

Domien Huyghe (b. 1988) is a Belgian film director and screenwriter. He is a Midpoint TV Launch & Torino Series- and Filmlab alumni and received international recognition for his short film Maverick (2017).  He is developing his next feature film Amari (Selected for the Torino Filmlab Extended 2022) and a TV series Skate or Hate, (Selected for the Torino SeriesLab 2021). Huyghe has been awarded several times as a director of remarkable music videos for bands such as BLAUDZUN, ANTLER KING and ARCHES. His work often features themes such as coping with loss and reconnecting with family and he is always searching for innovative ways to bring such themes to a large audience.

Company Profile

A Private View is a Ghent (Belgium) based, independent production company that develops, produces and co-produces feature films, drama series and animated series. We focus on strong story content and contemporary themes, giving a private view on the world – discrete but inspiring glimpses of recognizable yet surprising universes. We strive to build long-term relationships with both emerging and established writers and directors. We believe in a hands-on approach and are closely involved in every step of the filmmaking process, from writing over developing to releasing high-quality and artistic pieces of intimate cinema. A Private View produced or co-produced about fifty feature films among which Filmfest Ghent winner ZAGROS (2017), EFA best comedy nominee VINCENT AND THE END OF THE WORLD (2016), Montreal Grand Prix winner OXYGEN (2010) and Cannes Critics’ week laureate MOSCOW, BELGIUM (2008).