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Requiem to the Hot Days of Summer

January 9, 2023


Requiem to the Hot Days of Summer


Requiem to the Hot Days of Summer

1st feature


Mother and Son – a sensuous portrayal of an innate unbreakable bond defined by the invisible burden of care, silence and solitude in an isolated mountainous gorge in Georgia.


Guri and his mother, Sanata, have spent all of their life in a remote mountainous gorge in Georgia distanced from nearly any signs of urban civilization. Farming, beekeeping, and cheese making has been their lives’ routine for decades.
While witnessing the daily life of mother and son, the audience immerses in the non-verbal, contemplative relationship between the two and through gentle gaze of the camera effortlessly enters into the rural reality as an inseparable part of their being.
Through an utterly touching motherhood story, Requiem to the Hot Days of Summer embraces sadness, silence and solitude, which follows every human being as the primordial seal of their fate and brings reminiscence of a blissful way of life, which is still present in the unconscious memory of humanity.

Director’s Profile

Giorgi Parkosadze is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and editor from Tbilisi, Georgia. He has always been curious of meeting strangers, sharing their stories and collecting their images in memory, as he believes, memory is one of the main traits that defines us as human beings.
In 2015 Giorgi got MA degree in Multimedia Journalism from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). During studies at GIPA a documentary filmmaking course defined his farther educational path in this field, motivated him to keep self-development and to gain advanced professional experience in both – academic and practical directions.
In 2022 Giorgi graduated from DocNomads Joint Masters Program based in three European cities – Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels, obtaining a MFA degree in documentary film directing.
During these years, Giorgi has done several short documentary films, one of which premiered at CinéDOC-Tbilisi IDFF in 2019.
For now, Giorgi works on completion of his first feature length documentary film “Requiem to the Hot Days of Summer”, which is an alumni project of Sarajevo Docu Rough Cut Boutique. In parallel, he is developing new long-term projects.

Company Profile

Attic Production is a newly established Georgia based production company co-founded by Giorgi Parkosadze and Tamta Tvalavadze after several years of professional cooperation. We have a huge passion of producing documentary films and long form audiovisual and transmedia projects with strong social-political position and artistic voice. For now, Attic Production works on completing its first feature length documentary film – Requiem to the Hot Days of Summer – which last year received production funding from Georgian National Film Center and which is an alumni project of Sarajevo Docu Rough Cut Boutique 2022.