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(Not) Just a Matter of Time

December 15, 2022


(Not) Just a Matter of Time


(Not) Just a Matter of Time

by Daniela Reyes Gutiérrez
Medio de Contención Producciones | Colombia

Documentary | 1st feature


This is the story of several women who tell on camera that they were raped. Their aggressor is never a stranger. He is always someone whom they love or, in fact, someone who claims to love them. One of those women is me.


10 years ago I was raped. Not by a stranger in dangerous circumstances, but by someone I thought I loved, and who claimed to love me. He never accepted what he did. He never said sorry. I was never able to report him, because it took me many years to realize what happened and because I was afraid of the implications of facing legal procedures. One day, 8 years after I was raped, I did it. Not in court, but on social media and saying his real name. After this, unknown people and people that were close to me and to my aggressor, contact me; some to tell me that they believe me and that I am brave, others to tell me that they survived similar experiences, and others to say that this is not the way to denounce. These persons are invited to my film to recreate my rape testimony as if they were the ones who lived it. After each recreation, the fourth wall will break and we’ll watch them reacting to my story, reflecting on what caused them to embody it as if it were their own, and using it as a trigger that lets them talk about their own experiences.

Director’s Profile

I am a Colombian director and producer with a Master ‘s Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. I co-directed, produced and distributed documentary short films selected at various festivals. Currently, I am writing my first feature film (Not) Just a Matter of Time, winner of the Proimagenes Colombian Fund in
2021 and studying the Gemma Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Gender Studies.

Company Profile

Medio de Contención Producciones MCP is a film production company founded in 2006 by Manuel Ruiz and Hector Ulloque. Medio de Contención Producciones produces films by independent authors with a strong subjective, cinematic and political identity. Their films have been premiered and awarded in important film festivals. On the other hand, MCP develops projects with pedagogical and educational content that connect cinematographic language with new communication technologies such as
Main filmography:
Un varón (A male) 2022. Directed by Fabián Hernández. Premiered in La quinzaine des réalisateurs, Cannes 2022.
Amparo, 2021. Directed by Simón Mesa. Premiered in Semaine de la critique, Cannes 2021.
Tantas Almas (Valley of souls), 2019. Directed by Nicolás Rincón Gille. Premiered in Busan International film Festival 2019. Winner Etoile D`Or, Marrakech 2019.
Noche herida (Wounded night), 2015. Directed by Nicolás Rincón Gille. Won Special Mention of the Jury – Cinéma du Réel 2015, Bronze Heart en International Film Festival The Heart of Slavonia 2015, First Prize MARFICI 2015.