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Milk and Honey

December 15, 2022


Milk and Honey

Milk_honey Image

Milk and Honey

by Tornike Gogrichiani
Nushi Film | Georgia

Fiction | 1st feature


In the crime-ridden streets of Georgia, two teen boys navigate love, identity, and friendship as they try to find their place in the world. when one boy’s feelings for his friend become complicated, the stakes become higher and the consequences direr.


Early 2000s, Dato (15) grows up in Kutaisi, the‘crime capital’ of Georgia. His father has abandoned the family, leaving Dato as the only male in a stifling household with his mother, his grandmother and granny’s blind sister.
Meanwhile, Dato’s classmate and childhood friend Tedo (15) settles in the street life of Kutaisi. A born leader, he quickly rises in the ranks of petty criminals and tries every possible way to persuade Dato to join him.
Like any teenager, both Dato and Tedo are looking for their identities, ways to express themselves and – inevitably – their first love. Unconsciously, the boys share their interest in ANNA, an older girl at school. Faced with this love triangle, Tedo realizes that not Anna, but his classmate Dato is the object of his desire, leaving him with confusing feelings that terrify him.
Dato becomes the victim of Tedo’s cruel frustration; he has to endure bullying of Tedo and his gang. Driven by despair, he decides to go to extremes, until fate strikes.

Director’s Profile

Tornike Gogrichiani was born in 1986 in Kutaisi, Georgia. He’s an actor and director. He started his acting career as a student at Shota Rustaveli theater and film university. Since 2007, he has been actively working as a theater and movie actor.
In 2012 he played one of the main roles in Zaza Rusadze’s “A fold in my blanket”. The movie was selected for the 63rd Berlin international film festival “Panorama” section.
Later on, he started to write down stories based on his life experiences, which led him to film directing. In 2018, Tornike made his debut short film ‘Andro’, which had its premiere at the 39th Montpellier Film Festival. The film won two grand prizes at Tehran short film festival and at Court en Scène. Tornike’s second short film “Heatwave’ is an international co-production between Georgia and Croatia.

Company Profile

NUSHI FILM was founded in 2015. Production Company is focusing on creative documentary, feature and short fiction films. Since its creation, it has taken part in various forums, festivals, workshops and markets with different projects. Within the past years, company produced diverse body of work from award-winning shorts to feature documentary.
Short fiction ‘The Bee Fall’ Dir. Vajiko Chachkhiani, Georgia
Short fiction ‘Heatwave’ Dir. Tornike Gogrichiani, Georgia/Croatia
Feature fiction ‘Comets’ Dir. Tamar Shavgulidze, Georgia
Zinegoak Film Festival- KRAK Best Feature Film
Feature Documentary film “Before father Gets Back” Dir. Mari Gulbiani (GEO/GER/FR/NL)
Aswan International Women Film Festival (BEST FILM)
Docudays Ua (Current Time TV Prize)
Cinedoc Tbilisi (Georgian Public Broadcaster Prize)
Al Este (Best Film)
Margaret Mead Film Festival (Honorable Mention)
Short fiction film “Three Steps” Dir Ioseb Bliadze,(Geo/Germany)
Kiev International Short Film Festival Audience award and Jury mention
International Film School ‘Commonwealth of Young Filmmakers’ – three awards
Exgroudn filmfest Best International Short film award
interfilm Berlin Special Mention
Land of Short Films Kyrgyzstan- Best Director
Short fiction film “Tradition” Dir. Ioseb Bliadze, Elmar Imanov, Germany/Georgia
Short fiction film “Winter Which Wasn’t There” Dir. Vajiko Chachkhiani, Geo/Ger
Short fiction ‘Shivering Heart’Dir. Vajiko Chachkhiani,GE/AZ