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Measuring the Sky

December 15, 2022


Measuring the Sky


Measuring the Sky

by Petar Oreskovic
Nukleus film | Croatia

Dokumentary | 2nd feature


The sky is big, much bigger than we thought, and it’s still growing and we don’t know why it’s growing faster and faster. And now we are on the verge of finding out.


“Measuring the Sky” is not a classic science documentary. The exciting story of the construction of a billion dollar telescope is intersected by an almost romantic view of the sky. What is the purpose of such a large telescope? Will it save us from deadly asteroids? Will it turn some people into billionaires?

LSST should become operational in a couple of years and it will take a couple more for enough data to be gathered through it before its benefits can truly be reaped. We are going to follow the final stages of its construction and show how and why this project is important for physics, astronomy and cosmology. From the search for dark energy and testing whether Einstein’s Theory of General relativity can explain the universe’s rapid expansion to mining asteroid for precious metals and an early warning system against a possible collision of Earth with an asteroid.

Light pollution of the sky by a large number of satellites launched by Musk’s Starlink project could become a major problem for LSST, but also for astronomy in general. Satellites spoil the image of the sky and make it impossible to study it. Whether we will allow Musk, Bezos and others to ruin the plans of astronomers is a question that we will also explore in the film.

At the same time this is a story of science at a time when facts and evidence seem to lose their importance. Can something be done about this and can LSST change the way ordinary people – especially young ones – relate to science and nature?

For tens of thousands of years, we have been staring at the sky and fantasizing, and that’s fine, but now we have the opportunity to measure the sky over us in unprecedented detail. The sky is big, much bigger than we thought, and it’s still growing and we don’t know why it’s growing faster and faster. And now we are on the verge of finding out.

Director’s Profile

Petar Orešković was born in 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia. After completing high school and secondary music school, he graduated in film and television directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

He is the author of several short films, such as “Stand Up, Miro!”, “Spent Youth”, “Birthday”, “The End of the Game”, as well as feature-length documentaries “The Return of the Dead Man”, “The Lost Bomber” and the feature film “Simon Magus”. . The children’s feature film “Young Tesla and the Idea Thieves” is currently in pre-production, which has been supported by 4 countries so far. He regularly collaborates as a director in HRT’s children’s program.

He won several awards for his films at international and domestic film festivals.

Selected filmography
2006. Return of the dead man – documentary film, selection at IDFA 2006 First Appearance section, shortlisted for award

Company Profile

In the past 20 years, Nukleus has become a regional production company whose films crossed the regional borders, and were shown at important festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Sundance and TV stations such as ARTE, WDR and HBO.
Nukleus is a member/participant of the European Film Academy, ACE Producers Network, Inside Pictures, EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), as well as a regular attendant of the coproduction and pitching forums. We attended training programs such as EAVE, EAVE+, Producers on the Move, ACE Producers Network, Producers Lab Toronto and Torino FilmLab.

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