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Faster than Shadow

December 15, 2022


Faster than Shadows


Faster than Shadows

by Letizia Lamartire
Matrioska and Indigofilm | Italy



For a chubby, impulsive girl of 11, who likes other girls, being accepted is hard. How much worse in the ‘80s with a mother who looks like one of Charlie’s Angels. But what if Alex did not care? The search for her place in the world beyond glitter.


Alessandra (“Alex” for short) is much bigger than her classmates. In fact she should probably lose about eight kilos, but there are lots of other things she should, or rather shouldn’t do, like wearing shapeless overalls, trying to seduce her classmate, Elena, and spending her afternoons playing pinball and secretly eating sweets..
Alex lives in the soulless suburbs of Turin in the ‘80s. Fat, dressed in dungarees, and a lesbian, she is an easy target for the mockery and bullying of the local gangs of trend-setters.
Luckily she has some friends: her nerdy classmate Dario, who knows everything about animals and nature; Frida, the puppy dog ​​that her parents gave her to make her feel less alone, and a mysterious old man who occasionally appears to give her some bizarre and funny life lessons.
This film is a tragicomic epic in which Alessandra learns to make the most of her resources. Audiences will fall in love with such a clumsy little rebel and will be eager to find out what happens to he

Director’s Profile

Letizia Lamartire graduated from the Music Conservatory of Bari and from “Unika” Academy of Performing Arts, also in Bari. She then went on to studying directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.
Her graduation short “Piccole Italiane” had its world première in 2017 at the Venice International Film Critics’ week, and it was nominated for “Nastri d’argento.”
Her first movie “We’ll be Young and Beautiful” was presented at the Venice International Film Critics’ week, and it was screened at numerous international film festivals worldwide (Busan, London, Los Angeles, Russian, Buenos Aires, Shangai, Stockholm, Villerupt just to name a few) winning multiple awards.
She directed the second and third season of Netflix original series “Baby” with fabula Pictures.
She directed her second feature film “Il Divino”, a biopic on the life and career of world famous Italian soccer player Roberto Baggio for Netflix. She then directed the Netflix series “Lidia Poet” with Groenlandia. She is currently developing her feature film “Faster than shadow”

Company Profile

MATRIOSKA was founded by Costanza Coldagelli after many years of freelance experience in the production department of films, commercials and documentaries with the aim of producing innovative and high-quality feature films, documentaries and series.
Matrioska’s projects include cinema (after its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival in 2016, the feature film Orecchie participated in several international festivals, winning 15 awards), documentaries. Matrioska is currently developing three feature films and a TV-series. We don’t make clear-cut distinctions between genres, but we allow different worlds to communicate, take inspiration and mutually contaminate each other in a continuous circle like the Russian Matryoshka dolls, from which our company takes its name.

INDIGO FILM is an independent production company founded in 1994 by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima and Carlotta Calori. Over the years it has developed and produced films, TV series, documentaries, and short films. Indigo has worked with important Italian directors including Paolo Sorrentino (The great beauty, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner for best foreign film in 2014), Mario Martone (The king of laughter in competition at the 2021 Venice Film Festival), Gabriele Salvatores, Antonio Capuano, Ivan Cotroneo, Valeria Golino, Pietro Marcello, Sergio Castellitto, Giuseppe Piccioni. It has recently produced the series Corpo Libero for Paramount Plus and The Bad Guy with Amazon Prime Video.