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Erto – The Moon Beneath The Water

January 12, 2023


Erto – The Moon Beneath The Water

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Erto – The Moon Beneath The Water



A village devastated by the Vajont tragedy fights against oblivion, torn between the desire for a rebirth and the need to preserve the memory of a painful past.


A portrait of the community of Erto, in the Dolomites, which 60 years ago suffered a huge human disaster, due to external ambition and avidity, and still fights for dignity and recognition. Over the past 10 years, the director has filmed the mayor fighting together with his people for not being forgotten by the national institutions. Through the voice of Nature, we see the efforts of the community,  which at a certain point breaks up due to a project that aims at creating a work of art on the dam, at the origin of the disaster: while for the mayor and the art curator it is a way to rise up the village and look forward, for some it would be another step to make people forget the tragedy.

Director’s Profile


Born and raised in Turin, he has been living in Northern Ireland since 2001. His works are a combination of documentary, fiction and poetry. His documentary works have been awarded many international prizes in festivals all over the world. Negrini took part in the Writer’s Lab tutored by David Gothard, the famous avant- garde theatre director and was twice selected for the prestigious European Workshop SOURCES 2, with internationally renowned tutors and script editors David Wingate and Michael Seeber.

Company Profile

Incipit Film is an independent production company based in Friuli Venezia Giulia-Italy. It develops, produces and co-produces documentary and fiction projects that address issues of impact for the contemporary society and with an international appeal. It is a company in constant evolution, born with a purely documentary vocation, has recently co-produced two films that have garnered much international acclaim, participating in major festivals. It is pursuing more and more ambitious projects and collaborations with very talented artists and with an innovative narrative.