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A Day, 365 Hours

January 9, 2023


A Day, 365 Hours


A Day, 365 Hours


Two young women are joined by their shared experience of being sexually abused by their fathers. Their unexpected strong bond gives them the strength to take on their abusers-fathers in court and to inspire other young women raise their voices.


Birsen, a women’s rights lawyer, receives a phone call. It is Reyhan, 19, who finally dared to make a phone call to a lawyer. Reyhan has been sexually abused by her father since she is 12. Having a rifle, her father puts her life in danger. The lawyer immediately asks Reyhan to go to women’s shelter.
At the women’s shelter, Reyhan meets Asya, 20, who becomes her roommate after they leave the shelter. Just like Reyhan, Asya flees from a violent family. She is recently accepted to law school and is dedicated to bring justice to violence againtst women. Reyhan and Asya take along another girl, Leyla, who has experienced the same trauma as they did. Leyla, just like Reyhan, has been abused by her father for years and could not tell anyone about her troubles. She had attempted to commit suicide many times as her own mother didn’t believe in her. Reyhan wins the lawsuit against her father with Birsen’s help. He is sentenced to 25 years in prison. Leyla is inspired by Reyhan to take her own father in court. The three girls hold on to each
other in times of healing, self-transformation and struggle for justice.

Director’s Profile

Born in Turkey, Kaftan completed a B.A. in Philosophy at Bosphorous University and M.A in film at York University. Kaftan directed Vendetta Song (2005) produced in co-production with the NFB. Her personal journey into the killing of her aunt in Turkey has received several awards at prestigious festivals including Hot Docs. Kaftan directed several documentaries for Al Jazeera English. Some of them are; The Passion and Penalty and Sarajevo, My Love. She completed her first feature film, Kovan/Hive which is about a female beekeper’s struggle with a bear. Kovan won many awards at prestigious festivals. It is currently on Netflix.

Company Profile

ZKF founded by ZEYNEP KORAY in 2019 is a production company focusing more on arthouse fiction and documentary films highlighting women and children issues. Besides bringing into light stories from Turkey, ZKF also co-produces film projects of worldly known international talents like Nepalese Director Min Bahadur Bham and Iranian Writer&Director Alireza Khatami.