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78 Days

January 12, 2023


78 Days

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78 Days

Fiction | 1st feature


When their father is drafted in the military during 1999 NATO bombing in Serbia, three sisters start a hi8 video journal awaiting his comeback. 


Two teenage sisters record their daily lives on a home camera, overwriting older recordings that periodically appear on tape. Their father is soon mobilized. Before he leaves, he asks them to film something nice for him. Days go by, they film nature, night sky during bombing raids and tease Tijana, their youngest sister.

Things change when a mysterious boy and his shy baby sister arrive from Belgrade and move in the first neighbor’s house. New friendships, first kisses and first disappointments take over the fear of bombs. 


Director’s Profile

Emilija Gasic is an award-winning Serbian filmmaker born in Yugoslavia, now residing in New York City. She graduated with an MFA in Cinematography from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. 

Her films have had successful festival runs and have screened at renowned festivals such as Columbus IFF, Maryland FF, Oscar qualifying Izmir Kisa FF etc. 

As a cinematographer, Emilija shot films in the USA, France, Norway and Czech Republic. She is a Nikon Storytellers Award recipient and a finalist for the Volker Bahnemann for Outstanding Cinematography. 

She is currently in post production of her first feature film 78 DAYS.

Company Profile

Set Sail Films is a wide scope film production company that cherishes strong author voices across fiction, documentary and animation.

It was established in 2019 in Belgrade by producers Miloš Ivanović and Andrijana Sofranić Šućur and director/producer Marija Stojnić, who decided to merge their distinctive experiences in the film industry.

Through international co-productions, Set Sail Films brings out local stories that cross borders. Produced films and projects in development have been supported by MEDIA, Eurimages, Film center Serbia, Hubert Bals, DOHA film institute among others.

Official website: