21 projects selected for the Trieste co-production forum

21 film projects from 16 countries will be presented at the eight edition of When East Meets West, the Italian co-production forum taking place on January 21-23, 2018 in the frame of the Trieste Film Festival. This year WEMW will bring together more than 400 industry professionals from over 35 countries, particularly from the 2018 East & West spotlight territories: South East Europe (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) and the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).
The 21 projects in development – 10 long feature documentaries and 11 fiction features – were selected out of 287 submissions from 43 different countries. The final selection will include several debut features such as Small Body by Laura Samani, Caravan by Zuzana Kirchnerová Špidlová and Lamb by Valdimar Johannsson, but also upcoming films by Rok Biček (selected at Venice Critics’ Week 2013 with Class Enemy), Salomé Jashi (Main Prize at Visions du Réel’s Regard Neuf Competition 2016 with The Dazzling Light of Sunset), and Marta Popivoda (selected at the 63rd Berlinale with Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body). “As every year we have been offered the chance to go through a large quantity of outstanding submissions and after a long month of intense reading we have been able to finally lock our line up. We are very happy and proud to present 21 new projects which more than ever reflect a wide range of genre and upcoming talents. We hope that all selected teams will be able to meet the right partners in Trieste and move rapidly forward with their films”, remarks Alessandro Gropplero, head of WEMW.
Along with the EAVE European Producers Workshop scholarship, the Cannes Producers Network Prize and the Flow Postproduction Award, all selected projects will compete for three brand new prizes: the Hot Docs Industry Pass, a badge offering free access to the market programs and events, the Asterisk Visual Marketing Award, a complete package including the prelaunch poster and dossier design, as well as content and text curation provided by Heretic Asterisk, and the Film Center Serbia Development Award, a 3.000 EUR grant for the best project. Finally, we are pleased to renew the partnership with EWA so to offer also this year the European Women’s Audiovisual Network Award, a cash prize for the best female
In addition to the 21 projects selected for the pitching forum, WEMW will invite two additional guest projects previously presented at DOCSP Brazil and DOK Preview Training (DOK Leipzig).
Together with the showcase of projects in development, When East Meets West 2018 will include several other initiatives: the work in progress section for documentaries Last Stop Trieste, the workshop for long feature fiction films in editing phase First Cut Lab, the brand new work in progress section for films produced or co-produced by Italian companies This is IT and a rich programme dedicated to the coproduction opportunities with the 2018 spotlight territories. It is still possible to request an online accreditation to participate in the coproduction.