CATCH-UP: EAVE session SHAKE UP IN THE DIGITAL MARKETPLACE – available Jan 27 – Feb 13

You have missed the EAVE live streamed session SHAKE UP IN THE DIGITAL MARKETPLACE? We offer an exclusive free catch-up offer from January 27 – February 13!

EAVE has organized a new live stream session in cooperation with When East Meets West on Tuesday, January 24, which has been live streamed on the EAVE, When East Meets West and Cineuropa websites. The session, Shake Up in the Digital Marketplace – by EAVE consultant Linda Beath (IT), will be available for viewing, for free, exclusively during January 27 – February 13 on!

2017 is shaping up as yet another year of transformation for the digital marketplace for European films. An overview of the current state of internet distribution and what is changing: where is the European Digital Single Market initiative in its long march forward? Has piracy smothered the financial potential for filmmakers short and long term? Will Day-and-Date releasing work in Europe? Is sVoD (read Netflix) abandoning films for TV drama? What’s with documentaries and VoD? Will per film revenues continue to be so low while marketing demands remain so high?

This is a plenary for film producers who can no longer question whether to distribute their films on the internet but only how. And how to make the most of this marketplace for their films financially and with audiences.

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to watch the session!