“Kentannos” wins the sixth edition

Kentannos, an Argentinian Italian co-production by Motoneta Cine, 16M.Films and Kino Produzioni, is the winner of the sixth edition of When East Meets West. The project is a delicate and charming portrait of people from very distant regions of the world who have reached or are on the verge of reaching 100 years and share an exciting passion for life. Kentannos was honoured with the WEMW Development Award as the best of the 22 projects in competition by an international jury of experts consisting of Matthieu Darras (TORINOFILMLAB), Nikolaj Nikitin (SOFA – SCHOOL OF FILM AGENTS) e Kristina Trapp (EAVE).

A grant for the participation in the next edition of the EAVE European Producers Workshop goes to Slovenian producer Rok Secen (Monoo), whilst the Flow Postproduction Award, new prize of 10.000 EUR in post-production facilities, goes to the Latvian project Foam at the Mouth produced by Aija Berzina and Alise Gelze (Tasse Film) and directed by Janis Nords. The brand new TRL Espresso, automatic selection for Rome’s New Cinema Network co-production market and also the Film London PFM in October 2016, goes to the Slovenian project History of Love by Sonja Prosenc and the Producers Network prize was awarded to the Turkish producer Asli Filiz (with the project For Women Only) and the Polish producer Agnieszka Dziedzic (with the project Stances and Statues).

Finally, an international jury composed by Catherine Le Clef (CAT&Docs), Hanka Kastelicova (HBO Europe) and Claudia Schreiner (MDR), has delivered the HBO Europe Award – in the work in progress section Last Stop Trieste – to the Georgian film See you in Chechnya by Alexander Kvatashidze.

The sixth edition of WEMW ends with a series of record numbers: 301 projects submitted, over 30 different countries represented, 200 international decision makers, 360 registered participants and more than 500 one-to-one meetings.