BROTHERS and TRAIN TO ADULTHOOD – selected at Last Stop Trieste 2015 – winners at DOK Leipzig!

The winners of DOK Leipzig have been decided. For its extreme poetry and great cinematography the film Brothers – winner of the HBO Europe Award at Last Stop Trieste 2015 – by Wojciech Staroń, was awarded the Golden Dove in the International Competition of Full-length Documentary and Animation. Shot over the course of seven years, this documentary directed by Wojciech Staroń is a moving story about brotherly love and growing old. In 1994, Wojciech Staroń and his girlfriend Małgosia went to Kazakhstan. On this trip they met two brothers, Alfons and Mieczysław Kułakowski, Polish emigrants who were taken by the winds of history first to Siberia and then to Kazakhstan. The former was a painter, the latter, a cartographer who for decades travelled around the furthest corners of the Soviet Union. Ten years after their meeting with Staroń, the Kułakowscy brothers returned to Poland. As repatriates they moved to a small village in the north of Poland. Alfons painted and Mieczysław accompanied him in his everyday duties.

But it doesn’t stop here! The Next Masters Award went to the beautifully photographed and edited film Train to Adulthood by Klára Trencsényi – also presented at Last Stop Trieste 2015 – a documentary about three children who find refuge from life’s challenges by working at the Children’s Train – a relic from Hungary’s communist past. The main protagonists are three young railway workers who come from nowadays Hungary’s reality full of economic and emotional problems. The Children’s Train is a sort of refuge for them, a place where comradeship and order are ruling as opposed to the chaos and egoism of the outside society.