Brothers selected at Locarno Film Festival – Semaine de la Critique

BROTHERS” by Wojciech Staron – winner of the HBO Europe Award at Last Stop Trieste – was selected at Locarno Film Festival – Semaine de la Critique!

Two frail characters are approaching on a dirt road, keeping close while taking faltering steps. Their thin, white hair looks like a halo in contre-jour. This is how we are introduced to Mieczysław and Alfons Kułakowski, two brothers of roughly 90 years of age who share a roof in one of the sparsely populated areas of Poland. Their lives have been troubled and sorrowful. During many years, the internationally acclaimed cinematographer Wojciech Staron paid recurring visits to the two brothers. He took plenty of time to become a part of their daily lives, also visiting them without his camera. Once he started filming, he still needed some patience until the brothers began behaving naturally. Capturing the slow passing of time in the old men’s lives is one of the strong points of this film, creating a concentrated intimacy almost exclusively by means of the image.

The Semaine de la critique is an independent section, organised by Swiss Association of Film Journalists, in cooperation with the director and organisers of the Locarno International Film Festival. It has its own jury which awards the Prix SRG SSR/Semaine de la critique worth 8000.– CHF for the best film in competition and the Premio Zonta Club Locarno for a film with extraordinary social commitment. The Semaine de la critique was first held in 1990. Since then it has reviewed state of the art documentary film-making annually with a selection of works chosen for their specific expressive value or essence.

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