A brand new TV Series Lab

MIDPOINT Cold Open is designed to train the skills of independent producers interested in shifting from feature films to fiction series content.

Offering practical knowledge connected to the developing, producing and financing of drama series content in Europe, the program will familiarize its participants with the current landscape, industry preferences and will compare the narrative and concept structures of feature films and scripted series as well as supply hands-on skills of financing and distributing of drama content.

The one-off event consists of lectures, group sessions and individual consultations. The program runs in English language.

The program targets independent producers, with a background in feature film producing, aspiring to shift to high end series content. The program’s graduates will acquire knowledge and skills connected to the processes of producing and financing series, and will get acquainted with European television industry landscape.

The program is participant-based, only one producer per company is accepted.

The 9 participants selected for MIDPOINT COLD OPEN 2021 are:

Ada Solomon   company: microFILM    country: Romania

Andraž Jerič   company: Temporama  country: Slovenia

Anna M. Bofarull   company: KaBoGa art & films   country: Spain

Claudia Sümeghy  company: Juno11 Pictures   country: Hungary

Irina Malcea-Candea    company: Luna Film   country: Romania

Juraj Krasnohorsky   company: Artichoke   country: Slovakia

Patrice Nezan  company: Les Contes Modernes    country: France

Radovan Síbrt  company: Pink country: Czech Republic

Sarah Pennacchi   company: Tico Film Company   country: Italy


Contact person
Katarina Tomkova
Program Coordinator